Georges J. Daou – Co-Proprietor

“For the first time in my life I’ve created something that’s bigger than I will ever be.”

Georges is a creative visionary, a man of many talents and interests. He holds a Masters degree in electrical engineering and is enthusiastic about golf, aviation and developing new markets.

On DAOU Mountain Georges became the shepherd of a dream—the dream that his brother Daniel would create Bordeaux-style wines that would rival the best of the world, and with their partnership, they would one day put Paso Robles on the map of destination travel for wine connoisseurs around the world.

Their dream has been realized. Through Georges‘ determination, business acumen and skill he has taken his brother’s Art and elevated DAOU to become a winery equal to any of the top tier wineries of the world. It is with love, passion, and gratitude that every bottle of DAOU makes it to your table and elevates your imbibing experience. We exist for the impact we have on one another. It’s been Georges’ true north his entire life.

“The raw jewels of this mountain have been here for thousands of years—the physics of the slopes, the chemistry of the soil, the wild beauty, but it will take great imagination to unlock the full truth of this terroir. This is the quest we are wholly engaged in, and that we want to share with our patrons.” — Georges Daou

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