Xriss is a Lebanese-American singer/songwriter, entertainer and activist. While her raw talent for singing was undeniable at the young age of 5, it wasn’t until 16 that she started to share her passion outside of her parent’s living room. Having spent many of her childhood years facing a difficult upbringing and bullying at school, music became an escape, but soon after, a source of courage and confidence. With her powerhouse vocals and captivating stage presence, she quickly built a name for herself on a national then international stage.

As one of the most in-demand performers in the region, she has toured the Middle East as lead singer of 8è Art Entertainment’s “X.band”, performing at royal gatherings, social events, and renowned festivals. Her thirst for success pushed her to take part in global competitions, landing first-place spots in front of world acclaimed music tycoons such as Quincy Jones, Timbaland and Will.i.am. Xriss’ charisma and unique, soul-striking vocals propelled her across the globe, signing management and production contracts in the US and the UK consecutively.

Most recently, Xriss has teamed up with Dubai-based British electronic duo Hollaphonic  to release “Save Me”,  a high-tempo house track co-written by Xriss herself, and featuring her distinctive gospel pop vocals. The track has already garnered over 8 million streams on Spotify as well as being featured across international radio stations such as BBC Radio 1.

Her first full EP in due for release in 2022 via Abu Dhabi music publisher and label PopArabia and their U.S.-based partner Reservoir. While Xriss is busy writing and preparing her next releases, she hopes to inspire others to find their confidence as she did hers, believe in their inner strength and strive for what makes them the very best version of themselves.