Livelihood Assistance

Lebanon has witnessed one crisis after the other through the past 2 years specifically. RMF took upon itself 30 years ago the responsibility to develop innumerous programs and undertake countless initiatives towards the achievement of sustainable development. Among these today is a livelihood assistance initiative aimed at mitigating the repercussions of the acute economic crisis, the pandemic, and the Beirut explosion. RMF will continue to focus on supporting SMEs primarily affected by the Beirut blast as well as others across the country. Thousands of people benefited from the implemented projects which are providing opportunities for jobs with competitive wages, improving productivity through new technologies and trainings, enhancing competitiveness for startups, entrepreneurships and SMEs, expanding connections between stakeholders and markets in rural and urban economies alike.

Under this initiative, RMF attempts to improve access to income and employment by providing training workshops to help SMEs seize income-generating opportunities. Though a cases by cases approach and in some areas and instances much higher, RMF’s support to SMEs has on average been $1,500 each. Helping SMEs become sustainable has been a key part of RMF’s livelihood initiative.