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The René Moawad Foundation, USA

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The René Moawad Foundation, USA

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The René Moawad Foundation, USA (RMF USA), a non-profit, non-sectarian, non-political, tax exempt organization (501)(C)(3), was established in Washington, DC, in 1993

Its mission is to foster sustainable social and economic development in Lebanon, establish a strong civil society, and provide emergency relief and humanitarian aid in times of crisis to its most vulnerable and marginalized communities through its implementing partner RMF Lebanon.

In fulfilling its mission, and in full compliance with US laws, the Foundation strives to mobilize the Lebanese diaspora and friends of Lebanon, through fundraising, education, and outreach to US NGOs and government institutions.

RMFUSA is inspired by inclusiveness, transparency, non-sectarianism, compassion, and a profound commitment to the inherent rights of the people of Lebanon to food, shelter, education, healthcare, work opportunities, equality, and above all human dignity.


RMF Needs You!

RMF relies on institutional funding and private donations in order to execute its projects. Some of its global partners include the European Union (EU) and USAID. Every little bit helps. Please consider donating to our cause.

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Helping those who need it most:

Established in 1991, the René Moawad Foundation continues to undertake grassroot projects in Lebanon in order to improve the quality of life for its citizens. Take a look at our Lebanese counterpart to gain a better understanding of what we do as an organization, and how RMF USA helps fund these programs.


RMF's educational activities mainly target children and youth. These services are delivered through RMF's established centers, such as the Center for Working Children, the Technical Institute, the children's nursery and the Youth Community Center. The main objective is establishing equal access to basic education for the disadvantaged thereby empowering them to become productive members of society.


RMF's objectives focus on providing health care services to the disadvantaged in North Lebanon. These services are primarily centered in the RMF's Community Clinic in Zgharta and its three mobile dispensaries. The clinic offers medical consultations, a laboratory, a pharmacy and a dental care unit while the mobile clinics service remote villages with no access to any healthcare facilities and the Syrian refugee camps. Some 3200 patients are treated annually.


Rural and agricultural development is a cornerstone of RMF's development programs. The Agricultural Center of the North (CAN) is the heart of RMF's various agricultural activities. It includes sorting, packaging and cold storage units, dairy and ice cream production units, an animal farm and a plant nursery. The olive oil sector throughout Lebanon is also served through the provision of technical assistance for quality control and marketing.


RMF's socio-economic development projects focus on guaranteeing access to basic social services and capacity building of community based organizations and municipalities. These projects primarily target rural women and war affected population. It aims at reducing gender disparity and poverty by supporting women's economic empowerment in North Lebanon and increasing employment through vocational training in sectors of high growth.