Carlos Sosa Denis

Carlos Sosa Denis, Tenor. Born in Havana in 1984, became a professional singer at the age of 19 with the National Choir of Cuba. In the next decade he sang as well with the Progressive Rock Band Anima Mundi, the Parisien Cabaret, portrayed several characters in renditions of Cats, the Hunchback of NotreDame and the Lion King in Havana. He participated in many international Festivals in Europe and LatinAmerica and was the main singer and soloist in albums recorded with the Entrevoces Choir and Anima Mundi. Since his arrival to United Estates on 2015 he has integrated 5 diferent event bands and formats playing in venues ranging from private parties, live bar music and entertainment to corporate events and weddings. He can perform a varied repertory comprising traditional Cuban and Latin American music, American Songbook as well as Classic Rock and Top 40s.