Miami Networking & Outreach Dinner (2015)

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Date: Saturday, October 10, 2015

Location: The Fisher Island Club, Miami, Florida

‘A Legacy of Hope and A Commitment to Make a Difference!’ was the theme of the dinner.

This year’s Outreach Dinner represented important gatherings where – not only Lebanese-Americans – but also many American friends who care for Lebanon, can meet, exchange ideas and network. “Networking” was the big innovation of this year’s Gala, imagined and implemented by Rima Moussallem Otrakji, Chair of the event, and her team.

“I wanted a change” she said, “I chose the most sophisticated place in the whole Miami: the Vanderbilt Mansion in the very exclusive Fisher Island and meant to limit the guests to a maximum of 140 persons.”

It was a most exclusive dinner. The formula was a big success. Apart from “networking”, the dinner was also the occasion to meet with the new President of the René Moawad Foundation-USA, former Congressman Nick Rahall and listen to Congressman Darrell Issa who was the Keynote speaker of the event.