Usama Baalbaki

Usama Baalbaki, a Lebanese American, was born in Kuwait. He began studying music at eight years old, learning to play the ‘oud and accordion. By 12 years old he was playing and singing on the Kuwaiti children’s television program “Mamma Anisa”.

Moved to Michigan in 1987, many will recognize him as a successful Arabic singer, traveling with his band throughout the U.S. Canada, and South America. shared the stage with Tony Bennett at the St. Jude’s 50th Anniversary Concert in Memphis, Tennessee, member of the Arab Theatrical Arts Guild, played Mohamed Abdel Wahab’s Character in the theatrical play “Rasasa Fi Al Qalb” written by Tawfik Alhakim, Composer/Consultant to Meadow Brook Theatre’s production of Arabian Nights, and the 2000 AMAL award from ANA Radio and Television original song, composition and performance.

He is the co-founder of the National Arab Orchestra, and has been the orchestra’s house vocalist since, performing at top theaters around the world, including their recent performance at the Kennedy Center.

Usama currently serves as the Chairman on the Board of Directors of The National Arab Orchestra.

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